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Pin‚Äčk Tulip

Nicole Ann Claret


"Nicole is by far the most talented person I know. Yes, I may be slightly biased as I'm that childhood best friend who wore her mom's handmade matching outfits as a teenager that Nicole describes in her "About Nicole", but in all seriousness, I don't think there is anything Nicole can't do!!!

Each and every one of Nicole's creations are unique and beautiful. I believe there is something very special about giving and/or receiving a personalized, handmade gift! I have been given many gifts that Nicole has made especially for me, as well as given many to others and have always felt that the gifts were meaningful and treasured!"

Kathy, Waltham

"I have had the pleasure of giving two Pink Tulip creations as wedding gifts to two close friends. Nicole has an impeccable attention to detail and these gifts are one-of-a-kind. Her skill and talent are unmatched. She took great care and detail in knowing which colors and shades to select and the final products were masterpieces. I look forward to ordering more pieces for friends and family in the future."

Jen, Boston 

"Nicole had given my daughter a painted rocking chair as a present when she was born. It is so precious and still is in my 11-year olds room. She is such a perfectionist with every detail of her work. It's truly a one of a kind piece when you purchase or receive one of her pieces!"

Michelle, Hanover    

"PinkTulip is my go to any time I need a personalized present. The baby gifts in particular are my favorite. All hand custom painted to whatever design you want. They are always a hit!"

Roseann, Boston